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Social Resposibilities



The farming practice in our community is predominantly subsistence with little or nothing taken to the market despite the abundant arable land available. BnH Farms has initiated a project called ONE HOUSE, ONE FARM in the East region. Every household in these rural communities can boast of at least a hectares of arable land. our company believes that if every home can produce food crops pertaining to their ecological zone food insecurity will gradually be eradicated. BnH Farms is one of the best plantain plantations in the region the capacity to supply suckers and technical support to families in these communities who are willing to do agriculture differently.

ONE HOUSE, ONE FARM project will reduce poverty, reduce hunger, reduce malnutrition, reduce dependency on poaching and illegal lumbering and above all combat food insecurity in these community.


1. Creating small holder schemes programs which will be made up of families who have registered to be part of the farming project. They will have to show the following:

  • Land that is favourable for the cultivation of plantains and other associated crops.
  • Proof of ownership of the land and it must be a hectare.
  • Proof of funds to execute the land preparation while waiting for BnH Farms to supply suckers.
  • Must be a native of this community (Ndembo)

2. Engage 4 young field officers who must be agriculture technician. They will be responsible for the follow-up of these farms and provide recommendations to them for the proper development of the project.

3. Construction of a modern plantain processing plant to enable smooth processing of fresh plantains to plantain flour. This will guarantee a regular market for the plantains produced by the small holder schemes.



BnH Farms Ltd is committed to support the basic rights of our workers and to ensure that we provide all employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We continuously seek to improve worker safety and working conditions by investing in, among others, new equipment. We comply with all national and local labour laws of the respective areas where we operate.


Health and Safety

Our employees are our most important asset and we provide them with the necessary equipment, systems and education programs to protect their health and ensure their safety. We regularly train and educate our farm workers on occupational health and safety, responsible use and management of equipment, emergency preparedness procedures, provision of personal protective equipment and risk assessments are in place to ensure safety. All our farms have links with major hospitals to attend to health needs of our employees.

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