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President and Managing Director’s Message

President and Managing Director’s Message

 From inception to creation, I made a commitment that BnH Farms Ltd would accelerate future growth in agriculture and I invited all stakeholders to keep watching BnH Farms Ltd as we leap ahead as an organic food hub in the region. We have downsized some business units such as Yams, cassava and vegetables cultivation in order to revise our main business portfolio. 

We witnessed increase in terms of profit given the project expansion into new communities like Ndembo, Kaigama and Kandara. We made further progress by carrying out intensive market research which covered the northern regions of Cameroon and the Republic of Chad,Gabon and Equatorial Guinnea. These achievements demonstrate our efforts to satisfy market expectations and boost local production capacities as well.

However, we cannot be satisfied with these achievements if we want BnH Farms Ltd to be nationally competitive. We are working restlessly to improve profitability and strengthen our business ties within the country.

Despite the challenges we faced during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forging ahead in a bid to achieve our objective. I am confident we will continue to grow steadily no matter the challenges we will face. Please keep watching BnH Farms as we change the agricultural landscape of the region.

Herbert N. Mbiatat
President & Managing Director
BnH Farms Ltd.

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