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BnH Farms LTD is pleased to submit a proposal for the creation of your farm based in the east region of Cameroon. The aim of this proposal is to add value to the land you already acquired for economic gains and avoid issues of double selling which is now rampant in this part of the country. We have partnered with dozens of communities for an endless pool of unskilled labour as well as local agriculture training Centre for qualified field experts in the domain of agriculture. These will ensure timely delivery of expected outcomes and speedy economic gains for both parties.

Our Proposal                       

We are tempted to assume that you come from agricultural backgrounds (probably childhood experiences or interactions with farmers) and you have that desire to invest in agriculture in Cameroon. We also assume you have heard stories of failed projects from other investors in the sector and the alarming unreliability of some project managers in Cameroon. The story of agriculture is one that is written on countless errors and excitements but we got better with time. As a company, we have made costly errors in the past 3 years but we learnt the right lessons at every given stage. Today we are amongst the leading farming establishment in this part of the country.

We have developed solutions for individuals and companies wishing to invest in agriculture in the east region from simple implementations to complex mechanized farming systems. Our solution easily integrates simple but efficient farming methods known to both skilled and unskilled workers in this region. This enables our clients to have an understanding of the work at every given point in time and to appreciate the value of their money. Most importantly, we provide a market for the plantains you cultivate when they are mature. 



Email us with all your investment decisions and be sure we will get back to you as soon as possible.


1. How can I purchase shares of BnH Farms Ltd?

BnH Farms Ltd does not offer direct stock purchase program (“DSPP”) or a dividend reinvestment plan/program (“DRIP”). 

2. Where is BnH Farms Ltd headquartered?

BnH Farms Ltd is headquartered in Bertoua, East Region of Cameroon.

3. How can I be notified of BnH Farms Ltd press releases, and other important information?

Please sign up for e-mail alerts directly at E-mail Alerts page

4. Where can I obtain an investor kit or learn more about BnH Farms Company?

send an email to the company and be sure to get response that ref;ect your worries. Please visit the other section of our website.

5. Who serves on your Board of Directors?

BnH Farms Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance practices and is guided by a board comprised of qualified independent directors.

6. What are some of the challenges of agriculture in the East Region?

Agriculture is no different from other businesses and personally there are challenges but they are never tough enough to stop you from investing. The main challenge is;

Poor road network. This is a major problem because owning land in the forest is not the hard part but cultivating and getting the crops out of the forest in the rainy season is the hardest part. To solve this challenge, an investor must make provisions for transportation taking into consideration the nature of the road.

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